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ACS offers a monthly box league! Players are placed into a box with four (4) players of comparable skill-level. Each month, players are responsible for playing one best-of-five match of 11-point PAR games against each opponent in their box, and the winner must record the match scores in Club Locker. At the end of each month, the player with the top score moves up a box and the player with the lowest score moves down a box. The cost of participating in the box league is $10/month. Sign up


ACS offers weekly weekend junior clinics!!!

We are asking members to reserve their child's/children's spots every week by signing up via Club Locker. Since the club will host some events on weekends during the season, please check each week and sign up to ensure junior clinics are running.

Below is the weekly schedule for junior clinics:


1:00pm-2:00pm Group A (Beginner/Intermediate) w/ Coach Emily
2:00pm-3:00pm Group B (Advanced) w/ Coach Emily

9:15am-10:00am (Ages 4-6) w/ Coach Mark

10:00am-10:45am (Ages 7-9) w/ Coach Mark

10:45am-11:30am (Ages 10-13) w/ Coach Mark

Clinics cost $25 per participant

Limited Spots, so sign up now!


As mentioned above, PLEASE sign-up week to week on Club Locker to confirm your spot. If there are no sign-ups for a session, it will be canceled thus why we are asking you to book ahead. If you currently do not have access to Club Locker, please contact us.